Category: Colony

Colony Bars

Gloss Black or Chrome

Weight aprox: 750grams (1.65lbs)

Category: Colony

Colony Cranks

Gloss Black or Chrome

Category: Colony
  • Single butted tapered forks legs.
  • Full CNC machined one-piece steerer tube.
  • Built-in bearing race.
  • 6mm thick drop outs with CNC detail.
  • Oversized blowholes inside steerer tube.
  • 3/8″ axle slots only.
  • 30mm offset for easier nose wheelies.
  • Get your #frontbrakebrethren on.
  • Weight 862 grams (1.90lbs)
  • Gloss Black & Chrome.
Category: Colony
  • Soft, yet durable Krayton Rubber compound.
  • 140mm & 30mm in diameter.
  • Comes with plastic push-in style bar ends.
  • Weight: Come on… it’s a grip !! OK, they’re 124 grams (4.37oz) per pair.
  • Avaliable in Black, Red (New for 2014), Laser Green, Purple, Blue, Gum, Purple Storm & Bloody Black.
  • New for 2014 also available in Red.